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Empowering parents with practical, effective and fun-loving coaching

Master how to condition positive character traits in young children using clever approaches and unique strategies

Your devoted partner in your parenting journey.

I’m referred to as many titles - “A life-coach for parents,” “A life-coach for kids,” “My education/parenting guy,” you name it - but at the end of the day, I’m a person trained in psychology, behavior, early education and human decency (self-trained) - and the work I do shows.


I decrease the stress out of the most stressful and rewarding job there is - Parenting. I help you realize your inner strengths, and if you think you don’t have any, I help you realize you do. I have a unique, easy-going, candid approach to this work, which is why many of NYCs most resourceful families instill their trust in me to help maximize their interactions with their children.

Your guide, your mentor, your friend.

Notebook and Pen

What Parents Say

You have been such a source of inspiration - everything about your great style and connection with kids, your attitude about life-long learning and attitude shaping, and your ability to make a possibly stressful or mundane task fun has been phenomenal. 

Brenda W.

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