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Jason Convissar

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I began my career as a teacher working exclusively with children on the Autism spectrum - that’s where I learned how to condition behavior. I earned two degrees as a School Psychologist - that’s where I learned how to enhance the psychometric properties of intelligence - verbal reasoning, fluid reasoning, working memory and processing speed.


Next, I became one of the top educational consultants in NYC helping families with the admissions process into the most desirable private schools - that’s when I created my character enrichment program and discovered it’s more advantageous to shape the skills of the person over those of the student.


Then I became a parent, took all of that theory and put it into practice. Today, I share all of that knowledge with you.


Jason's Parenting Principles
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The perfect parent is imperfect. Read that again, and again.

Principle #1

Children don’t hear us, they imitate us.

Principle #4

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting.

Principle #2

Everything you do and everything you don’t do is a lesson for your child. 

Principle #5

Your words are the building blocks of your child’s thoughts.

Principle #3

Your true parenting power lies in that split second between the behavior and your response. 

Principle #6

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