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Have curiosities?

See answers to some popular questions below. Don't see the question you have listed? Simply reach out to me on the contact page.

  • What is Parent Coaching?
    Respectfully, please feel free to Google it. It’s officially evolved past the “buzzword” stage, primarily because of the value it will add to the family dynamic. Big picture - It’s me providing you with the tools to elevate your parenting skills….and these aren’t heavy tools. You may be surprised how strategic language can positively shape your child’s behavior. Many of these skills you already possess, so it’s about uncovering and shining a light on them. Most everything else I will show you in a supportive, encouraging learning environment. This is not a master/student relationship. We are a team
  • Do I need Jason in my life?
    The catch-22 of my job is the better I do, the less I’m needed. So, ultimately, my goal is for you to say, “No, I don’t need Jason.” But you’re here, which means WE are not quite there…yet. There are 1000’s of us out there - some more qualified than others. What separates me is my particular flavor - pretty sweet, a little spicy, never bitter, and always on point. I consider myself more of a “personal trainer” for parents than a coach.
  • How do we connect?
    You send me your information. I send you my calendar. You choose a time that works well for you. I look forward to connecting for 30 minutes for an Introductory Connection via phone or virtual meeting.. WE discover some things You schedule a Consultation, which is a 1-hour live (location dependent) or virtual meeting. Then WE begin creating your vision for your family.
  • What should I expect during the Introductory Connection?
    A friendly greeting and a big smile. You just took the first step - now it’s about gaining momentum. It’s best to keep your child occupied - I’d like you to be candid with me, and your child is always listening (until you actually need them to). We’ll get to know each other. I want to know your parenting pain points. Then I’ll clarify any questions not included on this FAQ. Sales tactics prefer we lock in the Consultation right away. Nevermind that. This is a no pressure call with the intention of soon taking a lot of the unnecessary pressures of parenting off of you.
  • What happens during the consultation?
    By this point, I’m well aware of WHAT is going on. The Consultation is where we discuss WHY it is going on, And, most importantly, HOW we are going to get to where you want to be. Truth is, where you are and where you want to be is generally a lot closer than you think. After the initial Consultation, we enjoy two weeks of email support then close out with a 30-minute follow-up meeting
  • How old are the children of the families you work with?
    My sweet spot is one through six, but I take on families with children under 12. I teach how to build the strongest cognitive, academic, and social-emotional foundation in your children. Successful parenting is certainly about acquiring skills, but the true success lies in forming positive habits. I like to get those habits started for you and your children as soon as possible.
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